Monday, August 02, 2004


It's a Monday and I didn't do much this weekend beyond grouting the top of the mosaic table which still resides in my living room. It took a long time - and I was so over it it took every bit of discipline I could muster to finish it. I hadn't intended to even start on it, but I was putting off the mopping of the floors. I hate mopping the floors. So it sucked me in and I'm glad it's done, but it was such a crap job it will probably be a while before I do the sides. After 3 hours of grouting the table top I went ahead and mopped the floors and then I collapsed on the couch and took a nap as the sun was setting. I got up and dragged myself to bed about 10pm. That was my wild and crazy Saturday night.

Sunday was spent doing the errands I put off on Saturday and I didn't finish everything because I hung out with a friend in the afternoon and went to see Spiderman2. It's a pretty long movie. I liked it better than the first one, but that's not saying much. I didn't think it was a great movie, but I guess when you consider that it's big studio fare, it's better than most of the drek they produce. I don't really expect much when I go to see something like The Manchurian Candidate or that last Bruckheimer film about King Arthur. The art of storytelling has gotten lost in CGI, special effects, stunts, explosions and contrived "plot twists" - all great devices for distracting the audience so they don't care that there's pretty much no story. So all things considered Spiderman2 was pretty good - and there was story and I was feeling the characters but some stuff didn't make sense. Like Spiderman loves M.J. but doesn't want to put her at risk because he will always have enemies. Well, M.J. has been in deep doo-doo in both of the movies so I don't think it makes much of a difference if they're going steady or not.

So that was my weekend - I have no idea why I am so tired.

Since I can't think of anything interesting to write about I'll just link to this chick because I loved her post from 7/28 so very much I wish I lived in Washington D.C. so I could go to the bar where all the bloggers meet and we could commiserate about the dearth of datable men. She has written about the fact that she is not easily gotten and boy can I relate. I think I only know two men who "get me" and at least one man is very frightened by that. I love that she describes herself as a "think piece" - a term that, if I think about it, describes all my favorite people. I only just found her site via the hilarious guy who writes here. I love his story about traveling through an airport in these days of heightened security called "My Penis is a Terrorist".

So since I do not have it in my to be funny or to write an interesting sentence today, please go visit those two people who write very well and enjoy!

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