Friday, August 13, 2004


I'm not superstitious, but today is definitely feeling like it could hold all the crap you hear about Friday the 13th. Last night as I was driving from work to see a friend, the clutch in my car started feeling not quite right. And I was on the freeway. As I was going up the hill there was an alarming feeling "clunk" from the clutch pedal, but it still functioned. However it soon became apparent that it didn't have it's usual "spring". I continued on my way because my mechanice was closed and I wasn't anywhere near home.

After dinner, on my way home, it started to become more and more difficult to get my car into first and second gear. Shit! I took side streets home and tried not to shift. Unfortunately the side streets have stop signs every other block. It was a long drive home and I was all sweaty and dizzy from holding my breath. I put the car in the garage and set the alarm so I could get to the mechanic when they opened at 8am.

This morning the car drove just fine. What the ? I took it in anyway because the clutch was still feeling wrong. Then I got a rental car - and that took forever because they didn't have any ready to go on the lot. So I waited. And I waited. Once ensconced in my Buick Regal I ran home to change for work and grab lunch.

Which I left on the counter.

I got in about 10:30 and since there were no messages I went to the gym and did my 20 minutes of slow lifting. I have decided to work the top of me and the bottom of me separately so only half my body is in crippling pain for two days afterward, instead of all of me. Today was my lower body so currently I am unable to stand without assistance. Thank God for the rails in the handicapped bathrooms. While I was getting dressed I this song came on and as I listened to the first few lines I wondered, "Did Susan Vega make a new record?" And then I realized that it was Ashley Simpson!! Wow - that was weird. And it got me thinking about whether or not she was "saving it for marriage" like her sister.

I am so completely exhausted after these workouts I am incapable of intelligent thought.

When I finally powered up the computer the first thing that I saw is that Julia Child died. And that made me think of how I used to watch her cooking show. I learned a lot about loving good food - she inspired me to try new things at the table. And she's younger than Nana so I got a little wave of anxiety because I don't ever want my Nana to die. Even though I know she's going to - it makes me cry to think about it. So I got a little weepy about Julia and Nana and how people have to move along off this mortal coil.

The day isn't even halfway over yet and I have spent most of my morning in anxiety and angst. I cannot wait for Friday the 13th to be over.

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