Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So I've been locked out of blogger for the last 6 weeks. That's frustrating. Apparently they don't recognize my gmail address although, thankfully, they sent me a welcome e-mail there so I can get in that way.

Life has been crazy and I still want to write about my trip to Vancouver in June - this is in keeping with the fact that I'm shopping for birthday presents for those who turned another year old last December.

I am behind.

Today in the midst of all the busy I cannot stop thinking about the indictment of Michael Vick. I love football, and I remember when Michael Vick first came to the Falcons. He was exciting as all get out to watch. His cousin Aaron Brooks was the QB for the New Orleans Saints when he started with the Falcons and it was fun to watch the game and imagine their family all sittin' around whooping and hollering and celebrating because no matter what they had a winner.

I was sort of ignoring the press about Michael Vick and the dog fighting allegations because I very much wanted it to not be true. It's an abhorrent activity and anyone involved in it should be prosecuted and sent to prison for a long time - it's sick. It certainly doesn't fit with the picture of who I thought Michael Vick was. Despite the bad press his brother got, I always thought of Vick as nice guy. A good guy.

According to this article he's not any of that. Reading this article he comes off like a sadistic product of the ghetto and a member of that community of sociopaths to whom life means little. The kind of people who can kill without thinking or feeling too much about it.

I know that one is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and I really hate how people get tried in the press all the time, but the evidence is damning and at the very least he knew what was happening and did nothing to stop it.

I got no more love for Michael Vick.

I ain't gonna be rooting for the Falcons as long as he's wearing one of their uniforms and if they don't suspend him, and allow him to play, the only way I'll watch a game is if they promise to douse him in water and electrocute him when he gets injured.

And then I'll be watching and praying for someone to snap his knee. Or his neck.