Thursday, January 18, 2007


I haven't written anything here in so long it took me 20 minutes to remember how to get back in to post. In the time that's passed since I last wrote here I have gained 10 pounds and started working full time for A. His company is growing in leaps and bounds and I am happy to be a part of it but I need to write in order to have some balance.

The work I do for him is tedious and, okay let's just be honest because I don't think he reads this, boring. Even the stuff that I enjoy at the end, e.g. getting the bank to give us lots of money, is a wrenching process that I abhor. Of course this is all good practice for me to learn about being an adult and dealing with money, something that I've pretty much actively avoided for years.

Which is why I've been walking around in stupid debt like a college student and quite frankly denial is a good way to end up with shopping cart in an alley somewhere in your 60s. So I'm doing my time and making friends with all the tedium (at least it is for me) that is dealing with finances.

I am not having enough fun though. I went from having a lot of fun to having not nearly enough fun. I think that's why I've gained the 10 pounds. Food is my only fun. A. is fun too, but working together and spending pretty much 24/7 together when we're both exhausted and overextended energy wise is more a blessing than a blast.

When I do have time for fun I find that the new fun is taking a nap. The idea of going to see live music is excellent in theory, but the reality is I can't stay awake past 9pm. Thank God for Tivo or I would be missing out on Grey's Anatomy which is also on the short list of "fun" things to do right now.

I do occasionally take the camera and go take pictures to post on Flickr.


This year is going to be about getting some balance between work and fun and putting the writing back in the picture.