Friday, April 23, 2004


This administration claims that
these pictures
are an invasion of the privacy of the families of the fallen.

I beg to differ.

These pictures are an illustration of the cost of war.

When I first saw them my first thought was of the film they used to show on the news in the late 60s of PILES OF BODYBAGS, stacked one on top of the other on a tarmac. PILES = hundreds at a time.

When I first saw these pictures I thought that at least the body count is currently small enough that those who have sacrificed can be honored by returning home in a nicely decorated box.

When I first saw these pictures I thought about the families who would pick up a flag draped coffin at the airport and not their son, brother, father, daughter, sister, mother.

When I look at these pictures I hope that they have the same effect that the bodybag shots did 35 years ago - people took stock of the cost of a war that couldn't be won and they stopped supporting it.

Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground.

But be sure we don't throw the freedom away and make these lives lost meaningless.

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