Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Last night I got home and found a huge box on my front porch. "Why what can this be? And it's so big! And heavy!" I carried it in the house and noticed that the shipping label said Royal Elastics. And all of a sudden I knew what it was. When I was at D & S's last weekend, watching football, I had mentioned that I really loved S's shoes. D. said give me your address and I'll send you some. RE is a brand that he's been building in the family biz. So I wrote down my name and address and the name of the shoe, which is Ladech, and then forgot I had done so. I ran into the kitchen, got a knife and tore the box open, and almost fell over in shock when I saw not one shoebox, but FOUR!

Dude hooked me up with every color that the shoe comes in!!!

This is pretty much one of the most decadent, hence exciting things, I've ever experienced. I was thrilled to get just one pair of shoes - but four? And in colors that I love but would never be able to justify buying? Right now I'm wearing Red Ladech Royal Elastics shoes which match one of the two red sweaters that I own. I have them in white with blue trim! I have them in light grey with pink trim! I have the one's that S. was wearing which are beige and black and red! I fully plan on wearing them everyday from now on because they are so comfortable.


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