Monday, December 06, 2004


On Saturday we had a suprise party for my dear and darling friend Christina. We being Team Tiara. It was a surprise - and it actually worked! I had been barely speaking to Christina as I am the biggest blow it on the planet. Not because I can't keep a secret, but because she and I talk all the time and she knows everything about me and what I'm doing and it would just be natural for me to say something like, "yeah, well I was at the market shopping for supplies to make tea sandwiches and I realized that I don't know what a shallot actually is," because although I've heard about shallots as an ingredient, I've never actually used one.

And she would've said, "why are you making tea sandwiches?" And I would've gone all mumbly and stupid and she would've known something was up, especially since the story we told her was that Virginia and I were going to take her to tea at the Bel Air Hotel, which is a lovely tea, but ours was so much better. Mostly because we didn't drink tea, we drank very good champagne. Oh yes, I had a token cup of tea, but many more than several glasses of champagne.

So I showed up at her house on Saturday afternoon and she drove me (back) to Virginia's to "pick her up" and when we got there the cell phone didn't work so I could give them the heads up, and also ostensibly let Virginia know to come down, so I coerced Christina into climbing the 65+ steps up to V's front door. It should be known that she is that kind of a good friend who said, "well I was going to sit down here and have a cigarette and sip my cocktail, but sure." Many others, myself included would have balked at being asked to go for a hike up a vertical hill.

As we ascended Christina was venting about her day and so the fully decorated table laid out with tea accoutrements and an abundance of food did not register. Even when we got in the door and she was standing there, facing the dining room, it still didn't register. It wasn't until women wearing tiaras and clutching beautiful hand painted goblets of champagne rushed around the corner yelling "Surprise!" and "Happy Birthday!" that it finally occurred to her that she WAS going to a tea party but it was happening right now.

Her response - "You suck! You guys totally suck!"

Christina doesn't like not being in control - hee! Nothing like a suprise party to make you feel totally out of control. My roommate threw one for me about 10 years ago and I wasn't in my body the entire time. When you really are surprised it's amazing how thrown you can get.

The food was amazing, if I do say so myself. I love food that is eaten with fingers and tea sandwiches definitely fit that bill. I made LOTS and different kinds too, like smoked turkey and arugala, smoked salmon with wasabi cream cheese, cucumber mint, egg salad on buttermilk bread, etc. Cheryl, who owns a fabulous catering business, Baked It Myself, made beautiful sweets, brownies, lemon bars, truffles, etc. V made yummy scones that we ate fresh out of the oven. Diana brought a birthday cake from Sweet Lady Janes that had whipped creme frosting and wild berries inside and out. Jenny brought a bottle of Veuve-Clicquot Reserve Grand Dame Rose that was very special and delicious and rare!

So we ate and drank and caught up on each others lives and passed a delightful afternoon wearing our tiaras and a champagne buzz and celebrating our friend Christina.

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