Monday, December 27, 2004


It is horrifying to look at the pictures coming out of Thailand and India and Jakharta. It is terrifying to read the accounts of what happened when the water rose up suddenly and washed thousands of people away. I can only imagine. I have no idea. This tragedy is made more remote by the distance and that it happened in a place that is warm. The image of a Swedish woman sitting on the floor in her polynesian flowered sundress, looking at the floor as she waits to hear news of her husband and children, seems to be from another planet.

It is gray and blustery and rainy here in Los Angeles and I am feeling exhausted from driving over 400 miles over the holiday to spend time with family. As I drove I was wishing that I had been able to just go away to someplace warm where I could lay on a beach and do nothing but feel the sun on my face.

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