Friday, December 10, 2004


This morning I read this article and I felt inspired.

I agree with Wangari Maathai that humanity poses a threat to the planet, especially the global corporate sprawl that pursues economic gain with no apparent regard for the damage done to our world. I often ask myself if these people who run these corporations have children, do they not think of them? And their children and their children's children? How is it that they don't get that they may be building wealth, but at the cost of a healthy and beautiful place to live.

I particularly wonder that about this president. He has two daughters, very young women who will most likely have children, yet when he talks about going into Alaskan wilderness to drill for oil, and he puts people in positions to make decisions that will impact the environment negatively for years out in the future, does he not think about his grandchildren?

I'd like to believe that he doesn't think about the "big picture" because if he did and he continued to make the choices he makes which serve big business in the near future and screws everyone in the long run, well he'd pretty much be a heartless shit.

In my opinion.

But the other thing that occurred to me when I read this article was the sentence that said that it is women who are working with Maathai to heal the earth. Perhaps it is more the repression, if not complete obliteration, of the Goddess based beliefs - those beliefs held by the Indiginous peoples of the planet who are also slowly being obliterated - and the continuing movement toward the patriarchal, male dominated religions that insist that there is only one God (who is a "He"), an argument that men have been killing each other and dying for in an unwinnable war for centuries, perhaps that is more a threat to our world.

I'm just sayin'.

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