Tuesday, December 21, 2004


This morning at 4:42 a.m. marked the beginning of the winter solstice. In the northern hemisphere this marks the shortest day of the year due to the fact that the Sun is at the furthest south point in relation to the turning of the Earth and it's corresponding rotation. It's the astronomical activity that marks our seasons. Historically celebrated by people in various manner of wing dings, all of which usually involve fire and light. Christ means light and so when the religious right celebrate the birth of Christ with an all out spend fest at Walmart and sing songs in their churches about the birth of the Son, what they're really doing is re-enacting ancient Pagan rituals wherein people gathered to feast with family and friends and they exchanged gifts and sang Pagan carols celebrating the cycles of nature and exulting in the return of the Sun.


Alternate plans...

This morning my phone rang as I was heading out the door to work:

Him (friend who ran away to NYC): Hey darlin'.
Me: Hey! I'm running really late, can I call you back in a bit?
Him: I won't keep you. I'm just calling to wish you a Merry Christmas and tell you I love you, because I won't be in town for the holidays.
Me: Where are you going?
Him: I'm about to get on a plane for Tokyo. I bought the ticket last night.
Me: Tokyo! That's an interesting choice why are you going to Tokyo!?
Him: Bart Holiday is over there so I've got a free place to stay at the Hyatt where they filmed Lost in Translation.
Me: Nice, well that'll be new and different.
Him: Guess who else'll be there?
Me: I have no idea. Who?
Him: Brad B. and Andy W.
loooooong pause
Me: No sex with children. And please send me updates with key words to jog your memory because you know you're going to be too drunk to remember it all. Don't get arrested and call me when you get back to let me know you made it home alive.
Him (laughing): I will.
Me: I love you, have a Merry Christmas. And take lots of condoms.

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