Friday, October 22, 2004


I read today that Ann Coulter was speaking in Arizona and two people came out of the audience and hit her with pies. And they were arrested. I have received e-mails from friends who were jubilant at her public humiliation. I don't like Ann Coulter. Quite frankly I think she's a little unhinged and possibly diagnosable. She espouses hatred and seems to have zero respect and compassion for people in this world who think and believe differently than she does.

Perhaps that is why she is so unattractive.

Perhaps people throwing pies at her is just the manifestation of her own negativity, what she creates with her talk of treasonous liberals and death to muslims.

But I am appalled by the juvenile bad behavior of the pie throwers. I really cannot countenance rude and graceless behavior. It makes me irritated and uncomfortable. To throw things at someone, to spit at someone is to act childishly and it pretty much destroys any credibility that one might have. I understand the frustration and even the rage that would motivate someone to do something like throwing a pie at someone in public, but at the end of the day I think less of the people who did that than the person they were aiming at.

I might not like her or agree with her, but no one deserves to have things thrown at them. It's uncivilized.

She has a right to speak her mind. It's an inalienable right that people died protecting. Yes, she supports a government and an ideology that would like to censor that right, but we've all still got it. The way I look at it the more she talks and spews her bile the more sane people will be able to discern that she is not one of them. Did the pies stop her from speaking? Did the bit that hit her on the shoulder make her audience less receptive to her message? Probably not. If anything they probably felt sympathy for her.

Hell, I felt sympathy for her. She's a human being with feelings and even though she may not acknowledge that the feelings of all people have equitable value, I do. That means that when people I don't like or don't agree with are wronged I will still say, "Badly done," to those who have wronged them.

So badly done pie throwers - all you did was make Ann Coulter a sympathetic figure in the eyes of many and that's saying something since she's pretty much this adminstration's version of Joseph Goebbels with tits.

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