Friday, October 15, 2004


The other night I was having dinner with a friend. She was telling me about a guy that she had gone out with a couple of times. Among the numerous things he had said and done to turn her off, it was his comments about Halloween that I found most strange. He was talking about how Halloween was his favorite holiday and then said two things that pretty much snapped the rope that was holding up her interest in him.

He starts going on about how being born Catholic the whole "Devil" thing has always been so scary! She asked him what he meant. He explained that Halloween is when the devil can get you. What? She believes in Evil, yes, but a humanoid manifestation of evil, some guy named Satan who chases you around on Halloween. No! And we sat there and laughed about how ridiculous it is that a grown man believes in such a silly fantasy. I mean, everyone knows that Halloween is the "dress up and get candy from your neighbors holiday," right?


Apparently there's a whole bunch of people in this country who consider Halloween to be a celebration of the devil, or something. And since it's on a Sunday this year, which is the only day of the week they give it up for God, they're all freaking out. So there are kids all over this country who aren't going to be able to go trick-or-treating on Halloween. This logic is so insane to me. So it's okay to celebrate Satan and go trick-or-treating on any other day but Sunday? Because you're so God fearing? If that's really what you believe then it stands to reason that it's never okay to go trick-or-treating and "Satan celebratin" EVER! And if you REALLY think that Halloween celebrates Satan, well, in my opinion - you're just a dumbass! And it explains a lot about why this election is so close.

What I think is scary and wrong, is this guy goes out to the valley on Halloween night, and he and his best friend like to drive around and look at all the kids in their costumes. I stopped my friend when she told me this. What do you mean? Like two grown men? Slowly cruising the streets? Looking at little kids in costumes? Yes! But his best friend's wife goes with them. So that makes it okay? Why don't they stay home and hand out candy where you can actually see the children under the porch light. Oddly enough what bothered her more was the fact that he's a grown man who refers to one of his grown man friends as his best friend. And people say I'm picky!

But now I can't stop thinking about three adults slowly cruising the dark streets in their car looking at little kids. Because that's scary!

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