Friday, June 25, 2004


Those wacky Republicans in Chicago!! I've been hearing about this "scandal" since before the documents were released. Once the details became known I, for one, was completely underwhelmed. I mean what's the big deal? I don't even know why Jeri Ryan would state in her divorce papers that this was such a horrible thing. I mean it's not like he forced her. If he had she'd definitely have a point - there is a line. But just to ask? I think it's a shame that Jack Ryan who seems like a pretty nice guy, is all of a sudden too sexually deviant because he asked his wife to do it with him in a nightclub in Paris. With people watching.

I've been asked to do all kinds of freaky shit by various men in my life. I've said no A LOT. No harm, no foul - you go on. Unless you're a Republican running for office. I mean the Democrats might replace a candidate for being freaky - look at all the trouble that bit freak Bill Clinton got them into, but I kind of think that if that guy had all the merits that Jack Ryan does, they'd probably let him run anyway.

But not the Republicans - no way. No freaks allowed in that party. At least no "outed" freaks. If you're a Republican and you have sex in anything other than the missionary position, and with anyone but a human of the opposite sex, why I think they probably come after you in the night and you get disappeared. Or, like Jack Ryan, you get ex-communicated. No sir-ree. Republicans are fine upstanding MORAL Americans who like their candidates to be having daily conversations with Jesus.

And as long as he does that it doesn't matter if he tells LIES and makes up shit and sends their children to attack foreign lands. It doesn't matter if he destroys the foundation of democracy and subverts the constitution - because he's doing it to protect the moral and Christian people that are the REAL Americans - or at least the only ones who matter. What's the big deal if he's alienated this country from the rest of the world? They're all heathens who are going to hell anyway.

And although to a lot of us, sending American kids to slaughter on the basis of lies and fearmongering, shitting on the constitution and isolating this country from the rest of the world seems a whole lot worse than asking your wife to have sex with you in a public place - apparently the freaky sex thing, Jesus will not forgive you for, and neither will your consituents. And they don't even care if it's true or not - all someone has to do is say that you did it. Maybe you didn't but if the paper prints it, it must be true.

But you know what sucks is that the Democrats didn't think that their candidate Barack Obama could win the race on his own merits and so they sunk to the depths of the MORAL Republican party did when they went after Bill Clinton for being a bit freaky. I know, I know, it was the "Chicago Tribune" and other media sources that actually sued to have the divorce documents unsealed - but who do you think slipped them the info? They went after the documents that related to Jack Ryan's divorce, where, as anyone who's ever been through a divorce knows, things get down and dirty and what's said isn't necessarily true (just look at what Lionel Richie's wife wrote in her divorce papers about how much it costs her to live every month - I mean puh-leeze).

Bad show assholes, seriously. That's why I'm no longer affiliated with you pussies. I suppose it could be argued that if you choose to go into public office this is what comes with the territory, but that doesn't make it right.

Some days man.

And I haven't even seen Farenheit 9/11 yet...

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