Thursday, June 17, 2004


I was driving on the 101 Fry, actually inching more than driving and as I was maneuvering to change lanes I saw two helicopters in the sky moving along the westbound lanes. Initially I thought, "oh shit, an accident", but then I noticed how fast they were approaching, heading east in the sky, so I figured it was nothing in front of me that was causing the clog. Their silhouette in the sky was different from the normal helicopters we usually see hanging over traffic or other newsworthy events and I found myself riveted and a little unsettled.

Very quickly they were directly above me and I saw that they were military helicopters. Blackhawk helicopters! And they were going fast!! I could feel the thrum of their rotors just under my heart. It's a completely different sound than that of a normal helicopter. The sound combined with their speed and lean, mean build definitely gave an impression of power and stealth.

I wondered where they came from first. I don't know of any military bases near the Burbank area where they would be housed. There's Pt. Mugu, up the coast and they could certainly make the trip from there so then I wondered where they were going? Were they on their way to a film set, making a flyby as featured players? In this town that could certainly happen.

But, at the time I was listening to the recordings that were played today by the 9/11 commission of conversations that went down when the planes were hijacked so then I started wondering if something was going down on the west coast that required military attention. Two helicopters seemed an inadequate response for that! So since no danger felt imminent, I started thinking about how much it would suck to be stuck in traffic on the 101 at rush hour during a terrorist attack. Like traffic's not bad enough...

Ultimately I just kept inching along because really what else could I do?

But, how bizarre!

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