Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I have so much to write about my time in New York, but today has been filled with tedious busy work and now my brain is fried so I will share my New York stories very soon when I can actually conjure the words.

But, very quickly, the last day there Allison and I went to Central Park per my request - I really, really love that park - and she took amazing pictures with her digital camera that she had just gotten repaired. I had forgotten my camera though I did have my SX-70 so I did some manipulated polaroids. We went to Strawberry Fields so I could get a shot of the word IMAGINE tiled into the center of a circle of benches in memory of John Lennon who was killed close by in front of his building. I had no idea that there would be people sitting around playing Lennon songs and singing and praying. I mean seriously! And they were. Very. Serious.

It was hard not to giggle.

As we wandered on into the park toward the most beautiful lake upon which you can row and ride in a gondola, we were drawn to the sound of drums. I might guffaw at the John Lennonites, but there was a time when I myself would dance around the drum circles in memory of Jerry Garcia down at Venice Beach. I also once participated in a full moon drum circle at the African drumming center in West L.A. Can you say "In over her head?" Um, yeah. So anyway, we wandered up to a group of men playing drums and doing call and response in a scene right out of Cuba. Only we were in Central Park. It was awesome!!

After standing there wiggling my butt to the drums complete with white chick overbite we went to check out the boats on the lake. It took me a while to notice, but eventually it became oddly clear that something was a bit off. In every boat that we saw there were women rowing men around the lake. This brought to mind a metaphor I have used to describe every dysfunctional and just plain wrong relationship I've ever had. To explain how they went so horribly wrong I have always said, "It was like I made the picnic, rented the boat and rowed his ass around the lake. It sets a bad precedent."

And here it was manifest before my eyes!!

It was all I could do not to stand on the bridge and scream, "Stop it! Give him the oars right now!"

You're going to be sorry!

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