Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Last week I found a wonderful website written by a wonderful light who illuminates life in the most lovely and profound ways. He only recently started writing on his site, so I am savoring his posts like a really delicious piece of chocolate. I read the current post and then I go back and read the older posts. It's interesting to me that when I'm going through the archives - randomly - I will often land on a story that I needed to hear/read in that particular moment.

Funny how that happens.

Today's post was about another lovely light - Vicki - as evidenced by her photo. It occured to me as I read the story about her photo shoot that if we are willing to let light in we can all be illuminated. So many of the stories that Trevor writes are all about that quality of lightness in times that feel very dark. I am aware that I have a choice about my perspective on things and my perception of reality in any given moment.

When I looked at Vicki's photo all I could see was grace and beauty and light - she is timeless, captured in that moment. I'm passing the light along so you can see too.

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