Tuesday, April 05, 2005


It seems I cannot escape the news coverage of the Pope's death. Or more specifically pictures of the Pope's dead body on tour. I am not Catholic and upon hearing that the poor man was finally making his transition I only felt gratitude that he would be released from what has been quite a painful existence. One which he suffered with great dignity. And I guess that's why he was the Pope because I would have been whinging and bitching and just generally being cranky.

Pope John Paul II, who I have just come to find out was born with a completely different name when he came into this world as a baby boy, held ideas that are quite different than mine about how life is, and what God is, but I think he did a really good job of being the figurehead for a religion that is clinging to the past. He did it with integrity and I always felt the love from him, even when he was saying stuff I didn't agree with.

Even when he was speaking out against the war in Iraq - a stand I totally agreed with - he still did it from a place of love. I like to think that when he died he was feeling all kinds of love, not only from all the people who were around him, taking care of him, but also from his God, because, you know that was pretty much his primary relationship. His most intimate relationship. I think it would be kind of lonely being the Pope because everyone reveres you, and is sort of in awe of you. It's hard to imagine the Pope hanging out playing poker and sipping whiskey with his pals.

I don't know if the Pope is allowed pals.

But it's kind of grossing me out that they're carrying his dead body around and people are lining up to go in and look at it. Like I said, I'm not Catholic, but it just seems kind of undignified and invasive. It's his body. He's done using it. He's not there anymore. Why remember him like that?

Even though I'm not Catholic I would rather remember him like this. Because he was the Pope for a long time and he had a vital life and it seems like those are the memories and images worth keeping. Even if you don't agree with someone, or understand what they believe, to see the positive is as it should be.

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