Tuesday, May 18, 2004


I wanted to get this post done while the demo team was on their lunch break, but unfortunately the system here has gone all wonky and it's only now as the thundering crashes and trembling of the earth begins anew that I was able gain access so here goes...

I'm not a big fan of American Idol which could also be called Let's Get Humiliated in front of millions. There are lots of reasons why I dislike the show, but mainly it's because Simon is making a career out of being mean and mean people suck. Additionally what he considers to be "Idol" material is pretty mediocre if you look at the winners from the previous shows. This could be because I came to love music at a time when rock and roll was still good, albeit waning - the Eagles were about to break and begin the blah years of 70s rock. But the singer/songwriters were still around and they were really talented, e.g. Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne (before he got all political on us), Billy Joel (before he got all cheesy on us), Elton John (before the drugs got control of him).

The winners of American Idol are really nothing more than malleable youngsters with good voices, and they aren't much different than the manufactured pap that is Britney, or 98 Degrees, or Jessica Simpson. Yes, they sing well, but there's something soulless about what they're doing - yes even Ruben, who has a very soulful voice, cannot sell me on whatever it is he's singing about. I don't care. They will fade from our consciousness like your disposable Casio watches and all the other plastic crap that is lying around not disintegrating in landfills.

I hate to watch people being humiliated for a chance to become disposable plastic crap. I don't find it entertaining. I am happy that the Hung boy got a recording contract, but I wish he was in on the joke. His earnestness as he sings "She-bangs" with all that enthusiasm tweaks my heartstrings and I feel protective of him. I don't care if people sing on key or not - I just appreciate the fact that they're willing to sing and fuck those people who want to be all judgemental about how good they sound - or don't sound.

And on that note I just have to give a shout out and a "you go girl" to this gal for her version of "Dream Lover".

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