Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Dazed and Confused

The pollen count is extreme right now. I'm trying to focus on how beautiful all the flowers are instead of my runny nose and sleepy eyes. I'm sitting at the computer attempting to write with focus and discipline but my allergy medication is making me feel a bit disconnected.

I'm also listening to How the West was Won - live Led Zeppelin from concerts at the Forum and the Long Beach Arena, back in 1972. I was lucky enough to go see them live in 1976 and listening to this CD is bringing back all those memories.

What I'm trying to figure out right now is this: do I feel high on drugs when I listen to this CD because I was high on drugs back in the day when I saw the band? OR is this music just trippy and maybe I didn't even need to take the drugs back in the day.

OR am I so old that I get buzzed on Claritin?

I'm just glad that the guy who got drunk and threw up on my shoes at the concert isn't here.

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