Friday, January 10, 2014

I Feel Like I'm Procrastinating....

Right now!!!

But maybe I'm not.

It's hard to know anymore.  One of the things that I want to do more regularly is write - here or anywhere actually.  Since my office is currently in my house what happens instead is that I get up and stop at the computer on my way to make a cup of tea and end up starting in on some unfinished project from yesterday.

And I never get around to writing anything - here or anywhere else - because I'm finishing an unfinished project which will lead right into another project.

Right now I decided to write and sitting next to me is one of those unfinished projects from yesterday.  Realistically it's more like 9 unfinished projects.  Sigh.

It all needs attention.

But is meeting a goal I set - writing regularly - actually procrastination?

Maybe this isn't an issue of procrastination but rather one of time management.  Because if I'm being really honest, procrastination would be walking away from all of this and turning on the TV. 
Or laying on the bed and staring at the ceiling.  Something I hardly ever do these days.  I don't have time.

I would also like to break a sweat at some point today, but may not get to that because I'm writing now and then I'll start on the nine projects.

I will probably go out and take a walk at some point because I'm wearing that Fitbit and I almost obssessively track how many steps I take each day, castigating myself for striding less than 10,000, but in the business of the doing I can walk 5,000 steps before I leave my house.  And also Yogurtland is 1200 steps from my front door so I can get a sugar fix and then walk it off - that's multi-tasking.

So I'm asking myself... if I'm completing tasks that need completing is that procrastination?  Or am I procrastinating on implementing the changes my life needs, e.g. brainstorming/meditating/taking the next steps to get me off this treadmill of neverending stuff that needs doing?

In getting busy with all the doing am I procrastinating on creating/flowing/being?

Perhaps the procrastination is in implementing the new habits and making the changes that will allow me to include all the things I'd like to have going on?

Okay - I'm going to call this, what I'm doing right now, meeting a goal, and get back to my unfinished projects so that I can take a

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