Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Thus far this week has been pretty much craptastic. On Monday, still sporting a migraine, I got to work and realized that my ID had gone missing. This necessitated much effort to get a drive-on and a parking permit, blah, blah, blah. And since my keys to the office were attached to the ID I then had to contact security to get into my office. Big sigh. I am having to consider the possibility that I am coming down with something because my nose is running and my throat hurts - but it could be allergies, even though there's a part of me that refuses to believe that I have allergies. Last night I went to try on a pair of boots that I've been coveting and after deciding that, Yes!, I do like them, I discovered that they're no longer on sale and thus I am back in the decision making process. They are no longer a "deal." This morning I packed my gym bag and went to the gym and worked out and when it came time to get dressed I realized that I grabbed the wrong sweater. I grabbed the sweater with no sleeves, although it does have a turtle neck THANK GOD, because it is bone achingly cold today. At least for the California bred it is. I know people in Chicago can tell me all about cold, but still, while my breasts and neck are toasty, the rest of me is hanging out and it's freezing. But this is all just whining and fussing so I am consciously turning my attention to all that I am thankful for - and it is much.

Because I am abundant, when I choose to acknowledge the fact.

I am thankful for my family and friends who are just the absolute best people around. I am thankful for my connection with these people which supports me through good times and bad and for all the laughter that we share. I am thankful for Pete and Molly, my fuzzy buddies, who keep me company and make sure that I never oversleep (and that's a real perceptual stretch), I am thankful for good neighbors who make my home a loving place of community. I am thankful for all the great kids in my life whom I love and delight in - and because they're not mine my experiences with them are all pretty much consistently wonderful. I am thankful to have known and loved those who are no longer here with me because the loss of them has made me stronger in my faith that we are eternal. I am thankful for employment that affords me health insurance and the luxury of time to pursue my own course (when I'm not busy procrastinating) and the blessing of working with someone whom I not only greatly respect as a talent, but whom I also count as a friend. I am thankful to have fallen in love more than once, and to have a heart that heals without too much scar tissue when it's broken. I am thankful for a whole and healthy body that moves effortlessly and without too much pain as I age. I am thankful for Frova and Ambien - better living through chemistry! I am thankful for the ability to integrate new practices into my life and for the awareness of what works and what doesn't. I am thankful for the ability to have compassion and understanding that everyone is different and working things out in their own way and to give them the space to do so, just as I am thankful when people do the same for me. I am thankful for forgiveness both given and received for it is the only road to peace in my own life. I am thankful for my faith that we are all unique manifestations of one amazing and divine energy - all of us - even George Bush and his badly misguided cabal. I am thankful for the knowledge that when I sit in judgment of others I invite it into my own life and I am my own harshest critic. I am thankful for the unlimited opportunities provided by my life to learn and to practice focus and discipline, love and compassion for myself and others.

Oh! And I'm so thankful for four days off!!! Woohoo!

I am so thankful for all of this and so much more.

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