Wednesday, November 17, 2004


There are things that I do that are really dumb. Things I should know better than to do. Like for instance:

Putting the bottle of nail polish in my purse after I go for a pedicure. It rolls around in there and the top comes off and it's not long before I put my hand in my purse and find that everything is stuck together. And I've got nail polish on my hand.

Putting a pair of pants in my gym bag that I haven't worn in a while. These days those pants aren't fitting me so great and at the gym, after a workout is not the best time to discover the sad fact.

Bringing a slightly wrinkled blouse into the steam room with me so that the wrinkles will be steamed out. Yes, they are steamed out, but the blouse is also soaking wet by the time I'm finished and the room is so full of steam I knock the hanger off it's precarious balance as I fumble around looking for it and it falls on the floor taking the blouse from soaking to dripping wet.

Wearing pointy toed shoes and not bringing my lunch. My hunger has not reached a place yet where I am motivated to walk across the lot in my uncomfortable pointy toed shoes and I'm pretty damn hungry which gives you some idea about how uncomfortable these shoes actually are.

Spraying on perfume during the 4-day migraine cycle. It should stand to reason that if perfume on other people, or even on someone who has just recently vacated an elevator, or someone who is standing in front of me on line, can trigger a migraine, then perfume sprayed on my own body will most definitely trigger a migraine. and it did.

And these are just the things that happened today that made me think I should know better.

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