Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Checking in

It's a new year so I'm checking in with the intention of writing more regularly. 

Except that I've been really sad since the Newtown shooting.  It's like reliving the loss of Laura all over again.

The empty seat at the table, the hole in your life, that's forever even though life does go on.  My thoughts have been with all of the families who've lost someone to gun violence, but my imagination has been in the houses in Newtown as those people had to negotiate the holidays and, literally and figuratively, the longest nights.

I want to write about my thoughts and feelings, but not in a melodramatic wail which is where I went in those first days, and not from a dark place of helplessness, although that is a completely appropriate place to be when 20 children and six adults are gunned down while doing their day.

I'd like to have a conversation about how we make it different and about how we all deal with sadness and anger and fear.

But I'm still so sad it's hard to take a breath.

On the lighter side I'm writing about only good things over here:

Wishing the whole world a new year filled with some of the best days ever.

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