Tuesday, July 27, 2004


And getting worser as the day goes on. 

This morning I was awakened by migraine and nausea.  It sucks when you feel so bad it wakes you up.  It's not as bad as being awakened by a 7.2 earthquake, or by gunshots right outside your window - those things wake you up fast and then you're disoriented and rushing with adrenaline.  The feeling bad thing just kind of creeps up slow and I was half way awake and aware that all was not well before I got all the way conscious.  I took my migraine medication and shut my eyes for another half hour and then I got up and worked out and went to work.  I felt a little better doing the cardio, like the blood was getting pushed through my brain instead of clogging up in constricted veins.

But today is one of those times where the bad bleeds through the meds and all I want to do is lie down in the dark until it passes.  I think this is what they referred to in the old days as "vapors" that condition that ladies got that had no real name or diagnosis and the common treatment was taking to bed in a dark room with a cool cloth over the eyes.  It's difficult to distract myself with reading or writing because focusing on anything for too long makes it worse. 

I can, however, look at pictures, so today I went here and spent some time browsing through Randy's fashion pages.  I forget how I found this website, but it's on my favorites list because it never ceases to make me smile.  And not in a malicious judgmental way either.  There's something about people who are so willing to let their freak flag fly as they follow the beat of their own drummer.  Maybe it's the lack of guile.  Maybe it's the fact that he's just having the best time running around all dressed up.  I tried to stay up to watch him on Conan, but I fell asleep.

It does occur to me that he might be crazy, but if so, I think it's in the very best way. 

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